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If you want to work via ssh on a linux machine, you often want tabbed shells. When you have a X-Server (Xming) running, try the following: Try

 apt-get install mrxvt
 mrxvt &

Make sure you have the X-Server-Fonts installed, like XServer-Xming-fonts-7-4-0-3-setup.exe, or you will get errors like "could not load font xyz".

To get it as shortcut on your windows desktop: XLaunch

  • Multiple Windows, Display 0
  • Start a program
  • program: mrxvt
  • or mrxvt -geometry 124x78-5+0 (plus/minus for origin change)
  • --reverseVideo (black vs white background)
  • --saveLines 3000 (buffer)
  • Using putty
  • IP....
  • User....
  • Additional parameters -P <port>
  • Dangerous: -A (take the ssh key with you)

Save with extension .xlaunch

or have a .mrxvtrc

Mrxvt.bottomTabbar:         False
Mrxvt.reverseVideo:         True
Mrxvt.saveLines:            3000
Mrxvt.geometry:             124x78-5+0

Mrxvt.hideButtons:          True
Mrxvt.syncTabTitle:         True
Mrxvt.syncTabIcon:          True
#Mrxvt.titleFormat:         %n. %t
xrxvt.highlightTabOnBell:   True

# tab bar colors
Mrxvt.itabBackground:       #EEEEEE
Mrxvt.itabForeground:       #000000
Mrxvt.tabBackground:        #CCCCCC
Mrxvt.tabForeground:        #000000

Mrxvt.showMenu:             False

Mrxvt.highlightColor:       #FFFF00

Make sure your .xlaunch file contains