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qt pro file, change directory for temporary output files

in the .pro file:

MOC_DIR = tmp/moc
OBJECTS_DIR = tmp/obj
RCC_DIR = tmp/rcc
UI_DIR = tmp/ui

qt switch between versions, for example qt3 and qt4, or different qt4 versions

what you change is the used version of qmake. You do that with

update-alternatives --config qmake

qt app icon on your linux desktop

  • copy a .png file with the same name as the application to ~/.icons
  • Example: application name is "myWorld"
  • copy myWorld.png to ~/.icons

use C++11

put the following into your .pro file

QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -std=gnu++0x

use qmake of different qt versions

qmake -qt=4
qmake -qt=5

qt, gather needed DLLs for an executable

windeployqt.exe <path-to-exe>