PGP, Windows

From Andreida
  • get PGP software from Gpg4win and install it
  • run Kleopatra (that is Gpg4win)
  • create/import a key for you
    • don't use a password for it, you will go crazy if you use a password
  • export the secret, private key (which has the public key in the file too)
  • export the public key
  • create a revocation certificate (double click your key)
  • save the fingerprint
  • all these files and information are just text, so you can either
    • keep the files somewhere safe or
    • put the content of the files into a password safe (yagodu)
  • install Enigmail for your e-mail client

For the Enigmail preferences, I prefer for now:

  • Enigmail Preferences
    • Automatically send encrypted: if possible
  • Account settings
    • Encrypt messages by default: no
    • Sign messages by default: yes
    • Use PHP/MIME by default: yes
    • sign non-encrypted messages: yes
    • sign encrypted messages: yes