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  • installation
  • Default port is 8080
  • when using svn hooks with tokens, the called url must be in double quotes or you will lose the not-first get parameters ('cause').
  • svn hook (make sure: sh -> bash) if you have multiple projects in one repository but want to call Jenkins only for the current commit.
    • change JENKINS_IP and
    • PROJECTS=( YourProject1 YourProject2 )


export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin

PROJECTS=( YourProject1 YourProject2 )

for PROJECT in ${PROJECTS[@]}; do
   svnlook changed $REPOS --revision $REV | grep -q "$PROJECT" && wget -q "<JENKINS_IP>:8080/job/$PROJECT/build?token=$PROJECT"

exit 0

You might need to give the username/password for Jenkins, so the svnlook line above would be like:

svnlook changed $REPOS --revision $REV | grep -q "$PROJECT" && wget -q --auth-no-challenge --http-user=<jenkins-user> --http-password=<jenkins-password> "http://localhost:8080/job/$PROJECT/build?token=$TOKEN"