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We will assume the user you are creating filters for is "petra". Petra does not want to see messages from certain domains (corporations) but does want to keep them for a while in her trash, so she can find them if someone calls her and references "his mail from yesterday".

Possible destination folders

Get a list of folders

ls -d /home/petra/Maildir/.*

You will see something like this:


What you get may differ. If - for example - you use Outlook, chances are your output is completely different. That is NOT important. Important is to know what DoveCot works with. So, our target folder for this example is "/home/petra/Maildir/.INBOX.Trash". Inside the filter we will use the "save" command. If given a relative destination, it will insert the home folder of the current user before the given folder. So we will just use "Maildir/.INBOX.Trash/" to be able to copy the file from user to user.

.forward file

We create a ".forward" file in the home directory of Petra. Could be something like

vi /home/petra/.forward

The ownership of the ".forward" file is important. If you just copy the ".forward" file and don't modify the ownership, the ".forward" will not be used.

chown petra:petra /home/petra/.forward


We want a filter for Domain.bad.1 and Domain.bad.2. This is the .forward file:

 # Exim filter
 if  $sender_address contains @domain.bad.1 or
     $sender_address contains @domain.bad.2
     save Maildir/.INBOX.Trash/